Bankstown District Sports Squash Club

Founded back in the 70’s, by some passionate squashies, Bankstown Sports Squash Club, is a friendly club that caters for players of all ages and abilities. We have several teams playing in the Autumn and Spring NSW Squash Pennant competitions.

Annual, graded, club championships are held during the winter months and are always hotly contested.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of Bankstown District Sports Club. The club has supported our members and teams for many years.

New members are always welcomed and encouraged. If you are interested in playing, socially or competitively, whether you’re a new player, returning to the game after a break or just moved to the area, looking for a club, get in touch.

Why Squash?

Forbes magazine published an article naming the “Top 10 Healthiest Sports” and it’s no surprise, Squash came out as number 1!

According to Forbes: “30 minutes spent on the squash court gives you ‘an impressive cardio respiratory workout.’ Constant running and rallies build endurance and muscular strength in your lower body, and squash can even improve flexibility in your core and back, thanks to the twists, lunges and turns necessary to keep the ball on the go.”

The results are shown in the graphic. If you would more detail, you can find it on the Squash Australia Website.